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Engagement Rings

Before a wedding there must be a request for a hand. The moment in which you and your partner decide to take another step in your relationship and that is sealed with a diamond. We explain all the types of engagement rings that exist.


The custom of giving the engagement ring dates back to the 2nd century BC. The women received two rings, one to wear inside the house and another in public. In the Middle Ages, the delivery of the engagement ring was imposed as a kind of "contract" to ensure that the wedding would take place. Due to its high cost, it was the way to commit to getting married. To this day, the tradition of the ring has been modernized and varies among different countries. Even so, the custom of giving an engagement ring is still valid.

Generally, the price of an engagement ring is quite high, so special attention must be paid to the different types of engagement rings. In addition, this ring is for life, so it is important to select a model that does not go out of fashion and that respects the tastes of the bride (or stop using it as soon as possible).



Solitary ring It is the most famous ring. The classic ring par excellence and the one that never disappoints. This ring incorporates a stone in the center and can be chosen with different types of settings, thus adding a personal touch.
Princess cut ring. This type of ring is a variation of the solitaire, but also, one of the brides' favorites. The square shape of the diamond makes it look much bigger and more modern.


Half alliance This type of ring sets the middle of the ring of the ring with diamonds.
Ring with rail. Another type of solitaire engagement rings are those that also incorporate lane diamonds in the ring arm.
types of engagement rings

Rings with additional diamonds. In this type of ring, the central stone is accompanied on the sides by two smaller stones.
Halo ring It is a ring with additional diamonds around it. The central stone, of a much larger size, is surrounded by small diamonds, which gives the sensation of a full-sized diamond.


What is the perfect setting ?

In addition to the type of ring, to finish completing it you have to choose in a setting appropriate to the shape and size of the diamond. These are the three most commonly used crimping types:

Claw setting. It is undoubtedly the most used method of fastening, since it allows to appreciate almost entirely the stone. Depending on the size of the stone, crimping of about 4 to 8 claws is used. It is very important to add the number of claws necessary so that the diamond can not fall and is perfectly attached to the ring.

Bezel. It is a thin metal rim that surrounds the precious stone. It is the safest method.
Tension. This mode of setting causes the diamond to be "suspended" in the air. Metal slots put pressure on the diamonds and secure it.


Gold or platinum is generally recommended, since the durability and strength of this material is much greater. Although, there are also many grooms looking for cheaper materials so they opt for titanium or stainless steel.

To complete the ring, it is necessary to select the precious stones. The diamond, is without a doubt, the most expensive material of the engagement ring. Its price is given according to the size and shape of this. Today, many women prefer semiprecious stones, such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Much cheaper and with a more youthful air.




Diamonds can have different shapes. Round, which are the most common and in which the brightness of the stone stands out. Princess cut, a square shape that gives more size sensation; rectangular, oval or pear-shaped.




After having all this in mind, it is clear to us that the price of the engagement ring may vary depending on the type of material selected, the stones chosen, the diamond shapes and its setting.

The semiprecious stones rings can be found from around € 300, to a diamond engagement ring, whose prices can range between € 500 and € 30,000.